Would you like to make more sales?

raising_questionOK – I know that’s a stupid question. There can’t be many people who want to make less sales! So let’s ask the question another way – would you like to make more of the right type of sales? The type that gives you less returns, more repeat customers and more referrals?

Because actually making more sales of the right type isn’t hard when you re-frame the process. Instead of thinking of it as selling instead regard it as ‘relationship building’.

Studies have consistently shown that top sales people both two things differently.

  1. They ask great questions AND
  2. They listen to the answers

The two things that we do automatically in normal conversation.

The problem is that when people are in ‘sales’ mode, they forget this and just talk. Making it an unnatural process. When we talk to people we expect it to be a two way conversation don’t we? You ask a question, the other person answers and there is a natural ebb and flo.

So what is the number one question that all the top sales people use and if you adopt will dramatically improve your sales too?

It is ‘What do you think?’

Almost sounds too simple doesn’t it? But asking this question gives you several distinct advantages

  1. It means you have to stop talking and listen to the customer. So an opportunity to take a breath but also test the temperature of how you are getting on thus far.
  2. It gives the customer the opportunity to give you some feedback on what they’ve heard to date. Have they understood everything that you’ve told them? You know your product or service inside out and that might mean that you slip into jargon or assume everyone has the same level of knowledge.
  3. More importantly it gives the customer the chance to tell you what matters to them. Your product or service will have a myriad of benefits. By finding out what they are looking for you can highlight the most relevant ones. This will make the customer feel better about the purchase and decrease buyer’s remorse which in turn will reduce returns.
  4. You’ll get to know a bit more about your customer on a personal level. This will strengthen your relationship making them more likely to return to you and refer you to friends.
  5. It’s a question that you probably use a lot in normal conversation. It shows respect and that you value what the other person thinks and has to say.

This is a valuable question which you can use when selling face to face, on the phone and when making sales presentations to a larger group.

So what do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback. Do you have a better question that you’d like to suggest? Have you used this question and had great results?
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