The most comprehensive set of guides, templates, and videos to attract and keep customers AND grow your business.


It’s NOT theory-based clap-trap. It’s NOT for business owners who aren’t serious about growing their business.

It is based on the principles that I have used time and time again to grow all sorts of businesses. Small startups, multi-million, ecommerce, service-based, food based … you name it. Sales On A Daily Basis works for everyone.

What’s Inside Of Sales On A Daily Basis ?
Connecting Marketing To Sales
High Value Action
High Value Growth
Watch A Guided Tour Of Sales On A Daily Basis
Module 1


Module 1 is all about getting the building blocks in place.

This pulls together all of the elements to enable you to understand the place from which you are starting and where you want to get to.

There’s a section on how to laser focus your marketing – You can identify your perfect prospect so there’s no time wasted on frustrating campaigns that don’t work.

We’ll teach you how to only do the projects that make you money – too many of people work hard just to be poor, we’ll tell you the secrets to making sure that never happens.

We’ll give you a daily sales report so that you can see each day whether your business is improving or not, and that will drive you on to make more sales.

There will be many great things you already do that you don’t shout from the rooftops about – we’ll help you find them and turn those messages into more customers.

You’ll discover how to stay right ahead of the market with our comprehensive competitor analysis module. You’ll understand what run rates are and why they are the secret formula to unlocking your results, and you’ll also learn how to run great sales meetings and why they are the cornerstone of your future success


This is not about brand building – It’s about making sure you have sufficient leads, of the right quality, in your sales funnel.

It will change the way you look at your marketing resource and ad spend, and you’ll come to understand there is no such thing as a marketing budget but only ROI.

This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth. There are only three ways to grow a business:

a. Increase the number of customers a. Increase the number of customers

b. Increase the average transaction value per customer

c. Increase the number of transactions per customer

We call it Customer Optimization – This module will walk you the holy trinity of skills, people and activity – and show you just how you can performance-manage your talent to new levels of productivity.

Ramp up the pace with how to create great proposals, FAST – AND start to underpin the new ethos with our session on aligning sales, marketing and finance to a positive, results based culture.

Blast through your period end sales targets using our Guide to Successfully Running a Flash Sale, and train and educate your team by sharing Things Great Sales People Don’t Do!

So, we are only just half way through!

It may seem a lot, but that’s why we designed SOADB so you can go at your own pace and tick things off as you do them.

Module 2
Module 3


Now that we have established the sales mindset , we have many of the right disciplines in place and are seeing the amazing results that SOADB can bring to your organisation.

It’s now time to really drive sales now and grow the business dramatically.

What may seem so simple yet these are missed by so many businesses time and time again – We’ll teach you how easy it is to get and use testimonials if you use our quick and easy formula.

AND how powerful using glowing, fact-filled testimonials IN ALL YOUR MESSAGING will let them know that you’re worthy of their trust.

You’ll be able to craft a cast iron money back guarantee that will make dithering prospects come across the line in a heartbeat – this is one of my favourite sales tactics that works almost every time.

Ever tried to use referrals? When you understand how and why people like to give referrals, then it becomes much easier to help them find referrals for you. We’ll show you how.

These proven techniques are guaranteed to deliver results and are worth the course costs all on their own. We have used them time and time again without fail.


In this final module we are going to optimise the work you have put in already.

Safe in the knowledge that you now have the right culture, measurement tools, skills, people and activity in place, to be able to take advantage of these proven high value strategies. It’s time to unleash the big guns!

With many businesses, on the 1st day of the month, revenue starts at £0. This places an enormous strain at so many different levels.

Cash flow, Sales, Lead Generation… all have to be 100% focused to keep the hamster wheel moving.

Continuity pricing models are different because they are not a ‘one and done’ transaction. By implementing continuity pricing models it allows you to have predictable revenue month after month that increases over time. We’ll show you exactly how to put a continuity pricing model into your business so that you can sleep easy knowing sales will be rolling in automatically.

One of the tricks to finding new customers is by having a launch. It will also still work well, with a little effort, to sell the exact same product or service you’ve been selling for the last few years, to the exact same people that you’ve been trying to sell to – and it gets sales where none were forthcoming before.

Recurring Revenue


Premium Pricing

In most businesses, around 20% of your customers will pay you more for a premium priced product or service IF you make it available to them.

The problem is, in most businesses, there is no premium product made available and so that money never gets spent.

Need A Coach

Would you and your business benefit from business coaching? Whilst running a business can be rewarding, it can also be a lonely experience.

As the leader you are expected to deliver the results and have all the answers and, if you need help, finding good quality, reliable, unbiased advice can be tough, which is why our Fast Track calls and Workshops are so valuable.

These are the growth superstars that will deliver sales and margin that you never knew existed. It’s our full fat, premium strategies and not for the faint-hearted – that’s why we’ve done all the ground work first.

Module 4
“He’s inspirational, inspiring, intelligent and full of great ideas – his enthusiasm is infectious. Use him!”
Jeremy Holden

Owner, Vintage and Classic Ltd

“I would recommend him to any organisation wishing to transform or reinvigorate their sales and marketing culture”
Maurice Kelly

Chairman, CEO, NED Multi Site Leisure And Retail

1. So, if you are not delighted with your purchase, please get in touch for a complete refund, no questions asked.

2. And then there’s the price. You can get your hands on Sales On A Daily Basis for just £97+VAT per month. That’s incredible value.


What is Sales on a Daily Basis?
It’s a course plus execution plans, with video and work books, and help from me and fellow members.
It’s everything you need to make more sales, profitably, in a systematic way.
It’s all the practices, short cuts, and strategies that I use with my private clients and so are proven to work.

What Does It Cost?
The monthly cost is £97 + VAT. For that you get ongoing access to the Sales On A Daily Basis portal which will be continually updated. Plus a monthly subscription to Audible. I’ll recommend a business book but you can use it as you wish. I also run a monthly webinar.

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