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(And How To Make The Most Of Them In A Quick, Profitable And Repeatable Way)


My name is David Standing and I’ll be taking you through this course. Sales is a subject that is close to my heart and I am therefore chuffed to be spending time with someone who clearly feels the same.

Below is the video which takes you through the course. Underneath I have put the times that each section starts.This is so you can go back and re-watch specific sections as you need to.

Underneath that are the other elements of the course. You can download these as you need them.

So let’s get selling!

Section 1: Customer analysis 00:18:56

Section 2: 5 customer groups to action 00:26:47

Section 3: Fire Them! 00:27:37

Section 4: Upsell 00:39:32

Section 5: Cross Sell 00:53:07

Section 6: Testimonials 01:02:09

Section 7: The power of referral 01:16:05

Section 8: Join the sales initiative 01:25:01

Section 9: Special offer for SOADB 01:26:26

Assess Your Customers
The first step is to do some analysis. Now if Excel isn’t your thing please don’t worry. Download the excel spreadsheet in this chapter and then watch the video that I’ve recorded.
Develop Your Own Unique Action Plan
Step Two is to develop your own unique Action Plan.That’s super simple to do! Download our┬áDevelop Your Plan Flow Diagram and use the Help Sheets to work out the best plan based on what your Customer Analysis tells you.


Implement A Repeatable Process
Step Three – firstly well done for getting this far. Its a well known statistic that most people who start a course don’t finish it. So congratulations for begin the exception to the rule!
The next step is to turn what you’ve done into a repeatable process. By regularly reviewing your current customer mix you will continue to grow your business with profitable customers who fit your model.

You have constant access to this training so why not diarise to check back every month or so, to fresh your mind and maybe try a different tactic or approach.

For daily help, hints, training and networking with like-minded business owners, join our Free Facebook group, The Sales Initiative.


We want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and get the most from it. So if you need help or advice at any time please do get in touch. Simply click HERE and we’ll get straight back to you.


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