Why do we do the things we do? In life, in relationships and in business, we don’t make decisions for no reason. Something motivates us. Something sparks the thoughts and ideas that convert into actions.

Perhaps you have financial ambitions – you are motivated by the drive to create a more comfortable life for you and your family. Or maybe you have taken over a family business and are motivated by the burning desire to continue its growth and build on what your predecessor started. Whatever motivates you – whether it be money, family, knowledge, a sense of ‘doing good’ or achieving more than is expected of you, it is important to keep this in the forefront of your mind when making business decisions.

There are two forms of motivation. Intrinsic and extrinsic. Let’s look at these in closer detail:

Intrinsic motivation describes the gratification a certain task or activity gives you. So, for example, when you read a novel, you are intrinsically motivated to do so because of the enjoyment it provides. In a business setting, you might feel intrinsically motivated to develop your professional learning with an online course.

Extrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by the reward you receive in return. For example, if you receive a free coffee every time you buy 10 coffees in your local coffee shop, you are extrinsically motivated to buy more coffee to receive your freebie. Using the same business example, the certification you receive at the end of the online course might be your extrinsic motivation.

Your motivation to do well in business might be intrinsic or extrinsic – but it is most likely to be a blend of the two. Identifying these motivations is a highly beneficial activity.

As a task, list what motivates you in your career and sort each point into being either ‘intrinsic’ or ‘extrinsic’. This will help you to better understand your motivation types and how to maintain them.

But why is it so important to identify and constantly review what motivates you?

  1. It enables you to set clearer, more appropriate directions for your business.
  2. It will keep you on the correct path, minimising risk of diversion and maintaining stability.
  3. It will give you the tools to respond appropriately to new opportunities as they arise.
  4. It will help you to attract the right customers.
  5. It will help enhance your job satisfaction, improving your quality of life and maximising the value you derive from your career.

At Accordant Partners, we frequently talk to business owners about their ‘why’. And it might surprise you to know that many professionals aren’t sure how to respond. Some have fallen into their careers by chance, others lost their passion a long time ago and aren’t sure how to find it again. That’s why we like to help reignite that fire and use it to shake up a business in all the right ways.

Hearing about your passions and helping you to use these to drive your business forward is what intrinsically motivates us! So we’re offering a two-week trial of our flagship product Sales On A Daily Basis

Two-Week Taster Sales On A Daily Basis

Sales On A Daily Basis is a new business club designed to do exactly that….help you put in place the building blocks so you generate sales on a consistent and regular basis.

A two-week trial costs just £4.97 + vat. You get full access to all the modules, videos and workbooks.

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Why Having A Plan Is Essential

  • Setting goals is a great way to fuelling your ambition. By creating a plan and holding yourself accountable, you not only make progress but also fire your inspiration
  • ​So you’ll find you and your business making achievements you never thought possible
  • Without setting goals you’ll find that you will lack focus and direction. Sure, you’ll be busy with the day-to-day but you won’t necessarily be making progress
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