If you’re interested in boosting sales in 2020, it’s crucial that you look at new ways of working. What you did in 2019 has brought you to where you are now. But pushing your business to the next level may require you to adopt new habits that you’ve previously overlooked. Here are our top business habits to integrate into your business this year:

Run A Weekly Sales Meeting

Too many pointless meetings can stifle creativity and create more work than its worth. But strategic, effective, well-planned, fully-attended meetings can drive a business forward at rapid speeds. A weekly sales meeting allows all team members to view the sales figures, review strategy and plan a route to greater sales for the following week. If you haven’t done so already, create an agenda for a meeting, identify all relevant participants and block out time in everyone’s calendars. Keep this up throughout 2020 and you will notice a business with a clearer direction and a sales team that have confidence in their roles.

Strive To Learn More

The commercial world is one that grows and changes tirelessly. Complacency, therefore, can create stagnation within your business. It is imperative that you continually learn and develop yourself as a business owner so that you can inject the latest knowledge, practises and technology into your livelihood. You could attend a seminar, course or training programme in a subject relevant to your line of work. If your schedule is tight, you could complete an online programme from the comfort of your office or home. All you need is an internet connection! Click here to learn more about the Sales On A Daily Basis membership and how it could help you to boost sales into 2020.

Join A Mastermind Group

You are an expert in what you do. And a great way of learning and developing is to connect with other experts in the same or similar fields. Creating or joining a mastermind group can introduce you to useful contacts, produce a useful referral stream and inspire you to work in new ways, with new people. You can find mastermind groups online, in your local area, or by joining The Sales Initiative Facebook group.

Create A Daily Sales Report

The most successful people in business are all over their numbers. Ask them any day of the week how many sales they’ve made and they will be able to tell you. A daily sales report is easy to produce and will give you the base knowledge you need to constantly better your business. If you’re entering a sales slump, a daily sales report will pre-warn you before it’s too late. If you’re thriving, a daily sales report will help you to understand what’s working. This report should be circulated to everyone involved in the sales division of your business. Accordant Partners can help

Two-Week Taster Sales On A Daily Basis

Sales On A Daily Basis is a new business club designed to do exactly that….help you put in place the building blocks so you generate sales on a consistent and regular basis.

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