Do you need to generate sales and increase the level of enquires that you are getting into your business?

Often when sales are not where you need them to be, you need to act fast. So here are 10 things that will bring you more sales in the next 5 days.

1. Organise a Webinar
Whether you are selling b2b or to consumers, you are selling to humans.

And people buy from those that they know, like and trust. So a webinar is a super effective way to reach many of your prospects at one time.
Organising a webinar is very straight forward. There are plenty of platforms that you can use. The market leader is GoToWebinar. They offer a 30-day free trial to new customers but there are other options. You could also consider a Google Hangout.
The areas where you do need to spend time is planning the content and a strong call to action. Aim for 35 minutes of strong, unique content including an offer and 10 minutes of questions at the end.
If you target market are consumers then you should probably call the webinar an online meeting. The term webinar is quite well known in the b2b space, but not to consumers.

To Do List
• Send an email to your database – make it engaging and keep places limited so attendees grab their place
• Work up your content and most importantly your offer – use PowerPoint
• Send up a reminder email – this will help you attract extra attendees
• Hold your webinar – remember to ask for the sale
• Send a follow up email – you’ll bag extra sales here

2. Set Up a PPC campaign
No matter how you sell your products or services, Google AdWords can help. A correctly worded AdWords campaign can drive traffic to your website, get the phone ringing in your office or people walking to your shop or restaurant. In other words it’s a great way of quickly driving sales.
You’ll be putting your ad in front of people who have searched for relevant terms on Google. They are in buying mode so why not make an offer to buy from you.
If you haven’t set up a Google AdWords campaign you can follow their tutorial.

• You can set your AdWords to a specific geographic area and you can run them at the time of day most relevant to your business.
• You only pay for results and you can set a daily limit so you can control just how much you are spending.
• Google give you great reporting so you can see what is working and change what isn’t.

3. Add a sign-up form to your Facebook page
If you’ve got a well performing Facebook fan page then this is a MUST for you. Add a sign up form to your page so that you start to capture the details of those visiting your page.
Facebook has over 1.1 billion users worldwide so it’s an obvious place for every business to be. But if all you do is attract visitors to your Facebook fan page, you are missing out on potential sales. You need to move the relationship to the next stage. You can do this by offering something of interest and value to your page visitors which you give them in exchange for their email address.
And the even better news is, it is dead simple to do!
Facebook make it super simple to drive people directly to your website by providing all fan pages with the facility of adding a button. Just add the relevant details and you are good to go. For a more integrated option, most CRM providers give you the ability to link a form to your Facebook page. This means that you can enter sign ups directly into an auto responder sequence. A much smarter option.

4. Referral Offer
If you want sales and you need them quickly, then a referral offer is a great option. Because your current customers will know people just like them. With the same problems and concerns – which you can solve. Making them perfect customers for you!
So what can you offer your current customers as the best possible incentive to refer their network to you? It needs to be a strong offer which is really attractive.
You might be tempted to add lots of terms and conditions or small print – don’t. This offer can be incredibly cost effective. You will only incur costs if the offer is redeemed so make it a no brainer for your customers to refer all their contacts.
Craft an offer and pick up the phone – it’s a super fast way of getting hot prospects.

5. Add A Call To Action To Your Email Signature
How many emails do you send a day? Check your ‘sent’ items, you might be surprised! And think about the range of people too. You communicate with customers, suppliers, your business network… Does everyone that you communicate with know EXACTLY what you do? In reality, they probably aren’t absolutely clear. So why not make it clear, by adding an attractive call to action to your email signature.
What is the best blog article or free report that you could offer that would incentive those you are communicating with to ask more? Even if it’s not 100% appropriate for them, it might be of interest to their network or customers.
I know it sounds simple but this tip really can play dividends. Your accountant could be the next source of some new enquiries.

6. Pop Up on Your Website
If you aren’t sure what these are think about a few of the websites that you have visited recently. Many will have pop-ups. These are boxes that appear after you’ve been on the website for a while or as you exit. Some website owners don’t like them as they see them as irritating BUT they do work. If you get the right call to action, then you will get valuable leads. It nudges people to take action, reminds them why they visited your website in the first place and gives you an opportunity to continue the conversation with the prospect.
The market leader in this area is Optimonk and they offer a 14 day free trial.If you have technical ability then you can set this up yourself. If not then your web developer can install this using Google Tag Manager in less than 30 minutes. Once you have access to the dashboard you can run test, put different pop-ups on different pages, and have something different on your mobile website….. the options are vast.

7. Make contact
This might sound a little obvious but if you need sales fast, then pick up the phone to previous customers. If you’ve provided them with a good service why wouldn’t they buy again?
It’s been said before, so I’ll say it now. It’s not your customers’ job to remember you.
It terms of order, I would suggest starting with the most recent. But in reality pick the order that makes most sense for your product or service. If it’s not appropriate for them to reorder what other service can you offer them?
For some people making calls isn’t easy but set yourself a target and get going.
If you can’t get through to them on the phone, then follow up with a personal, well-crafted email.

8. Check your website
When was the last time that you checked your Google Analytics? Before you skip this one and go onto point 9 wait a second! Your Google Analytics can give you some really valuable insights. If you didn’t already know Google Analytics is a free tool which tracks and records visitors to your website. There have been many articles written about what you can tell form these reports but for now focus on the following:
• Look at what your most visited pages are – Can you add or improve the Call to Action on these pages
• The pages that have the highest bounce rate – what can you do to improve these pages?
• If you have them in place your sales funnels – is every stage working well? Sometime the tech breaks for no reason so this is always work checking.
An hour or so spent here really can pay dividends in terms of sales and enquiries.

9. A Flash Sale
If you need sales fast then this is a bold initiative. A flash sale is normally a short period of time when you offer deep discounts on your products. Done properly they can create a ton of enquires and sales. Here’s our checklist to setting up your Flash Sale
1. What is your objective – which products do you want to sell more of?
2. Choose a date and a time – when does your market typically buy? Maybe around pay day or at the weekend. You will know this and it makes sense to run your flash sale at this time. Whenever you run it – keep it short. This will create a sense of urgency.
3. Back your sale with the relevant marketing – instore point of sale, Facebook ads, emails to your databases. The mix will vary depending on your business but bottom line is to make sure everyone knows.
4. Measure – track sales as frequently as you can, at least daily. But more often if your systems permit.

10. A Facebook Campaign
I’ve already talked about the power of Facebook and so my final way to get sales and enquiries within 5 days is to set up a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook has 1.28 billion active users with over 800 million users active daily. So your audience are on Facebook every day, pretty much all day. So talk to them!
If you’ve never done this then here’s just a few of the benefits
• Facebook offers amazing targeting so you really can get your message in front of the right prospects.
• If you have video – use it! It’s a powerful way of getting your message out there.
• The platform has great reporting tools so you can test, tweak and optimise your campaigns
• You will probably be ahead of your competitors. Despite its power few small businesses undertake Facebook adverting

All of the above methods are designed to get you enquires and sales within 5 days. Which one will you choose first?

If you need sales and enquires even faster, then download my free report 6 ½ Things You Can Do to Get more Sales in 60 Minutes. Click HERE to get your copy with my compliments.

6 1/2 Things You Can Do To Get More Sales In The Next 60 Minutes

Sales and enquires can sometime be elusive! Your business needs a system so that you are getting sales and enquiries on a daily basis. Whilst you are building that system here are 6 ½ things that you can do to generate sales in 60 minutes.

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