Sometimes being the boss is a lonely business. On one hand the good news is that you’re in charge. But the bad news is you are in charge.

Whether you are a sole operator or have a team of hundreds the buck stops with you.

And this means you are expected to know all the answers. Whether it’s sales, finance, marketing, operations, HR, health & safety…… if you need guidance, the ultimate decision lies with you.

In most situations you know what to do. Using your experience and the expertise you’ve built up, the answers flow.

But where do YOU turn for inspiration? If you need advice? Or just a fresh perspective? That’s when being a business owner can be lonely.

One solution is joining a group.

This doesn’t just relate to the area of business. Belonging to a group is at the core of human nature. It’s often referred to as ‘belongingness’, the emotional need to affiliate and be part of a group. Whether it’s those who share the same taste in music, religious beliefs or politics, people tend to seek out the company of others that share their interests.

By belonging to a group we feel part of something bigger and more important.

This need was identified by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’. He developed a theory of the five levels of human needs. Achieving one drives us to achieve the next. The need to belong is at the centre of his pyramid of social needs.

But getting support isn’t the only reason to join a business club. There are plenty of other benefits for you and your business:

  • Networking: We all know that attending networking events is beneficial. You can find new customers, new suppliers and new contacts. Most business groups come with an online element such as a Facebook group. This provides the opportunity to network online so you can do all of this without turning up at Breakfast meetings or turning out after a busy day at the office.
  • Support: Whether the news is good or bad, at some stage you’ll need support. Sometimes seeking it isn’t appropriate from work colleagues. And your family don’t always understand.Fellow business owners will boost you back up or provide a shoulder to cry on because they most likely have been through something similar themselves.
  • Opportunity to vent: Sometimes you just need a safe space to let off steam. Shout, scream, metaphorically thump the wall. Just let it all out! And a business club is the great and safe place for that. You know you won’t be judged and what you say will remain private.
  • Learn: As outlined above, as the business owner you need to be the font of all knowledge. Business clubs offer opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills. Most include the chance to hear speakers which will broaden your expertise. Plus your fellow club members will most likely to happy to help.
  • Work on yourself – you are your businesses most important asset. Investing in yourself really is a wise decision. But often one that gets overlooked as you get other demands. Read our article Invest in yourself. Taking time out of working in your business to work on your business and on yourself will reap rewards.

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