Do you have a winning mentality?

Lots of people talk about how vital it is to have a ‘good attitude’. But maintaining a positive approach is not always easy. Sometimes it’s just about impossible. Anybody can be upbeat when they have a big win. They land a huge account or smash the quarter’s sales target.

But that winning mentality can be hard to maintain. When challenges come and things don’t go your way, many ordinary entrepreneurs allow themselves to slip into negativity and discontent. This shapes their entire outlook and that of everyone around them. Instead of seeing opportunity, they see failure and problems. Instead of taking measured risks to drive growth, they become inward facing and cautious.

The brutal truth is that these are people nobody wants to be around. This includes staff and customers in equal measure. People want to work with, and buy from, winners. Nobody wants to work with losers, except other losers. And they don’t have any money.

What I have found is that, when you are positive and enthusiastic, people want to be around you and they want what you’ve got. If you take my offer of a free success call, you will go away thinking of me as someone who is passionate and enthusiastic. And you can be too. To claim one of our FREE Success Calls. Simply click HERE.

The really successful people have an unrelenting positive attitude, a winning mentality, no matter what. That’s not a co-incidence. They are big thinkers who can make things happen. They are prepared for success, but they also understand adversity. Winners are resilient and bounce back quickly from setbacks. And I know that’s easy to say and less easy to do – but it’s true. So we have to recognise that and find a way to ensure that we are bringing our ‘A’ game to every day.

To be clear, I do live in the real world and I know it’s not easy to have a positive attitude all of the time, but we didn’t become entrepreneurs because we thought it would be easy, did we? And the reality is that a great attitude is essential if you are going to succeed. It will bring you more enquiries, sales and profits.

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