We use many tools to generate leads in our business, including email marketing, social media, webinars, paid ads and email blasts, networking, referral programs, and affiliate promotions. But there is one tool that really stands out. I’m talking about the power of public speaking.

Here are my top 3 strategies for using public speaking to generate more leads for your business.

Strategy #1: Host Your Own Small Events

Stop waiting for a big meeting organizer to call you and offer to pay you thousands of pounds to speak. While this is something to work toward, it’s the result of honing your unique brand of public speaking. In the beginning, before you’re a known entity, focus on creating your own events. While you may have fewer attendees, you’ll perfect your signature talk, gain experience, and develop an intimate relationship with your audience. Research great venues to put on local events, and focus on getting 10-20 attendees, whom you can WOW with your content.
BIG TIP: make sure to make an offer at the end. Usually, for smaller events, you want to invite them to have a free consultation or strategy session with you, after the event, where you can ‘naturally’ expand into your products, and services.

Strategy #2: Utilize the Power of Speaking at Other Peoples’ Events

There are thousands of events all around the country where meeting and event organizers are looking for speakers. Local trade shows, networking meetings, lunches, annual conferences and corporate gatherings are just a few examples.
Many of these opportunities can be free to participate in and give you access to an already assembled audience. This saves you from having to invest your own marketing in getting people to the event, and allows you to show-up, deliver an amazing presentation, and start building a list of clients who previously knew nothing about you.

Strategy #3: Leverage the Power of Online Speaking Opportunities

Technology and the internet have opened up a whole new avenue for those of you who know speaking is part of what you’re meant to be doing. Webinars, Google Hangouts, Teleseminars and virtual meetings are all great places where you can speak. Opportunities to speak on other people’s “virtual stages” are everywhere.
I also highly recommend you do some of your own teleseminars and webinars. It’s a great way to build your email list, get practice speaking, see what topics your audience is connecting with, and generate a list of new prospects. If you get just 20 people on a webinar, and you do that once a month, you’ll add hundreds of new people to your list each year, and bring in 1-3 new clients every single month.

Even if you’re not the world’s greatest speaker, there are so many ways you can utilize the power of public speaking to get your message out into the world, and to create new leads in your business. PLEASE SHARE ON THIS POST, about how you take these tips, run with them, and start to generate more profit in your business.

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