Digital marketing extends beyond just putting together a website. If you want your site to be effective and actually show up on a search, then you need to develop an SEO strategy to really get the attention of search engines. A vital piece of that strategy is utilizing keywords. While some popular strategies have fallen by the wayside with the advent of new algorithms, according to the digital marketing experts at Coalition Technologies, others need to be implemented as soon as possible. Below are just some of the keyword strategies you can take advantage of immediately.


Webpage Optimisation

The first step to making sure keywords are helping your page generate traffic, is through webpage optimization. While basic web design blogs talk about this, it’s important enough to be included in every marketing strategy discussion.

To use keywords effectively, make sure they appear in the SEO title tag as well as the meta description. Important keywords should also be sprinkled naturally throughout your page to generate hits. Keep in mind that unnatural or overused keywords will be flagged as spam and penalized by many search engines.

Creating Keyword Content

If you know anything about marketing, then you know that content is king. Instead of just creating content based on your company’s needs, take a moment to consider the needs of your customers. What will they be searching for that brings them to your website? Balance your research between industry standards and customer expectations when developing your content to create an effective website. Once you have content that is suited to meet your customer, then you can decide how to shape that content around keywords to ensure your company stays with consumers.

Key Words or Key Phrases?

While coming up with a few buzzwords to stick into your site seems like an easy thing to do, don’t lean on just a single word to summarize your company. Depending on the industry, you may have a lot of competitors vying for shrinking consumer attention. Utilizing key phrases, instead of words, can help you stand out as a unique presence both with consumers and search engines, allowing you to rise above the digital white noise.

Using Keywords to Bolster your Brand

Your marketing strategy isn’t just about promoting your business as a company, it’s about promoting it as a brand. Keywords play a crucial part in brand building because it helps your company create an identity. It also allows you to have a consistent image consumers will immediately connect with. Using the right branding keywords can help to quickly and concisely let your customers know what to expect when doing business with you.

Keywords and Social Media

When implementing your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to note that keywords are not just useful for helping your website climb search engine rankings. Social media pages like Facebook and Twitter can act as a natural extension of your main business website and should be implemented as such. As a viable appendage of your digital presence, social media pages should be as optimized as your main site. Adding your keywords in an organic way to ‘category’ and ‘description’ areas can add to your online presence in a big way.

Using keywords and phrases to represent your company online will help you garner more views and sales. But, while keywords are powerful tools in the world of online marketing, remember to use them naturally and organically throughout your website and social media accounts to avoid penalties from search engines.

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in best marketing practices. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and making DIY crafts with her two daughters, Emily and Evelyn.

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