One of the best ways to generate great quality leads is by attending events.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketer who doesn’t focus on building online relationships; nearly every marketing leader swears by it.

Connecting with your audience online through content, social media, and digital storytelling is no longer an unproven or emerging trend – it’s the foundation any modern marketing strategy.

But the power of face-to-face interaction in strengthening connections is often lost in the sea of statistics around social media growth and articles on building online relationships. That’s why creating your own events or adding value to someone else’s is a really smart thing to do – here’s a few reasons why:

Quality touchpoints: People like familiarity in business, and the more quality touchpoints you offer prospects, the more likely you’ll be to convert them into clients. Events help your organisation establish unique and personalized connection points that are impossible to recreate digitally.

Massive client value: As a supplier, you’re responsible for arming clients to succeed on all fronts — beyond the services they hire you for. By curating quality speakers, networking opportunities, and thoughtful introductions, you become more than just another supplier; you become a connector and a valuable resource, too.

You are more approachable: When you’re present at events, you’re associating a face (or faces) with your business. Prospects begin to connect more deeply with these individuals, whether they’re senior leaders, salespeople, or your behind-the-scenes team.

A unique customer experience: Events provide the platform for delivering a unique experience on top of the quality service customers and prospects expect. Creating something memorable and interactive positively shapes clients’ perceptions of your company.

Client referrals: Although you take opportunities to ask for referrals, nothing sparks a reminder like an in-person interaction. People are more willing to introduce their connections to people they know and trust. When you authentically connect with attendees in person, you’ll earn their trust and respect. Use this to your advantage to drive further ROI from personal interactions.

The case for combining your on-line and off-line marketing strategies is clear: When clients and prospects can engage with you virtually and in person, you’ll forge stronger relationships, get more enquiries and make more sales.


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