Remember the impact of Google AdWords? For those that embraced the opportunity, it transformed their businesses. Delivering targeted leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional acquisition, and by the way it’s relevant now and should be a big part of your marketing mix.

Well this is without doubt the next big thing.

  • There is a TV channel that everyone watches and that you can reach your customers on for just pennies.
  • That channel is You Tube.
  • Technically, we might watch it on a computer but it’s effectively a TV channel.
  • Over the last year, very quietly, Google (who own You Tube) have introduced three remarkable opportunities.
  1. You can run video ads that viewers can skip – and if they skip the ad in the first 30 seconds – you don’t pay! (PS. you want the tire kickers to drop out – that’s the trick)
  2. They let viewers click on the ad and go to your landing page (the big tip here is LANDING PAGE not your web site). If you know what you’re doing with You Tube – that’s a license to print money.
  3. They don’t care how long your ad is. It can be 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Unbelievably – you don’t pay more for a longer ad!

The combination of these factors is the next big thing in Digital Marketing. It’s called You Tube ‘True View.’

Consider if your radio or TV station said the following:

  • We will create your ads for you
  • We will serve it to our listeners  / viewers
  • You only pay when they act…

That’s (probably) never going to happen, but You Tube can because:

  • They are owned by Google and don’t work by normal rules
  • The have unlimited inventory – unlike a TV or Radio station – its every time some watches a video, which by the way 93% of active internet users do every week

Even better you can target this in the same way that you can with AdWords:

  • Demographics – age and/or gender
  • Interests – reach people based on specific interests
  • Keywords – apply across YouTube search, YouTube Videos and Google Display network
  • Remarketing – YouTube will automatically start to build you a remarketing list based on your viewers behaviour – you can use this to target people who have watched your previous videos
  • You can use your regular AdWords remarketing pixel to target people who visited specific pages of your web site
  • Show up on all devices – 25% of all YouTube views originate from a mobile device

Now even better, because of the enormous amount of un-sold inventory the CPV (cost per view – greater than 30 seconds) – runs from 3 pence.

Think you could make a ROI on that?

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