We’ve noticed it, and we’re sure you have too: Celebrities are now using their social media accounts to hand out their phone numbers. Justin Bieber, Jeff Goldblum and Ashton Kutcher are just some of the well-known names offering up what appears to be instant, personal access to them and their glamourous worlds. But why? What’s the catch?

We have the answer for you.

Whilst texting is by no means a new form of communication, many businesses and online influencers are using it wisely to grow their marketing lists.

But why?

Firstly, texting is personal. Whilst the majority of your phone is subject to email spam, Facebook notifications and Candy Crush reminders, texting is normally still allocated to friends, family and other important things. What’s more, it’s also the most commonly used mobile device feature. This means that texts are the most personal and convenient way you can reach your audience. On average, open rates from text marketing outperform email by 75% and click-through rates by 30%. This shows that users are responding to texts not reflected in other communication methods.

Whilst emails can be personalised using custom tools on platforms like Mailchimp and Hubspot, the very delivery method of a text is automatically personal. Customers appreciate the directness of texts and view it as a more interactive way of communicating with a business. Furthermore, text based marketing allows you to reach those without smart phones or internet access. Whilst the number of people without smart phones or regular internet access is low and decreasing, they still exist as an untapped market.

So how come Bieber and his celebrity pals are using this method?

Many celebrities are taking on text-based marketing as a way of increasing their distribution lists. Why? Because they themselves are a great incentive. By offering up a personal interaction, a fan is much more likely to get in touch, giving their details in exchange for some one-on-one communication. Essentially, the promise of celebrity interaction acts as a lead magnet.

Recently, American actor and jazz artist Jeff Goldblum published a video on Instagram tantalising his fans with his phone number. So, we thought we would take him up on his offer and see what happens. It turns out, a text to Jeff provided us with an automated response with a link to sign up to his distribution list. Only after filling out our details would we get any sort of personalised text back. Had we gone as far as to input our data, the marketing texts would soon follow, most likely promoting a tour or an online shop we might be interested in. Would we eventually get a customised text from Jeff himself? Only time will tell…

…But the point is, this method can be applied to any business. All you have to do is adjust the incentive. By offering up a direct and fresh line of communication with a promise you can deliver on, you can build a list of text based marketing leads. The incentive could be as simple as communication from a celebrity, entry into a prize draw or a temporary discount.

Accordant – Unlocking your business success

Building your distribution list is vital in creating success for your business. By gaining access to a larger number of your target market, you can create more and stronger leads. Texting technology is just one way of achieving this outcome. For more advice on finding business success, watch our 3 part video series here. You can also contact Accordant to speak directly with one of our business success experts today by filling out or contact form here


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