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Thanks for requesting my complimentary report ‘6 Things you can do to make more Sales from Existing Customers’. It’s on it’s way to your inbox right now. But before you go and look for it, I’d like to make you an Exclusive Offer

Good things come to those who HUSTLE!

Monetise Your Business… More Effectively

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, The 5 Week Hustle Course has been formulated to give you the strategies required to drive business forward. There are 6 unique elements to the programme, all designed to transform you and your business performance in just 5 weeks.

  1. We will show you how to get clarity on where you are now and where you want to get to.
  2. There are 8 proven techniques all designed to maximise your ‘hustle’.
  3. You will become an expert in customer analysis and segmentation.
  4. Use our methods and you will generate testimonials on auto-pilot.
  5. No more unprofitable or free activity  – lets monetise everything you do.
  6. Create a performance culture through the power of daily dales reports & weekly sales meetings.

Get lifetime access NOW for just £50.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the 5 Week Hustle Course has been formulated to give you the weekly actions required to drive business forward. We have included the following elements:
Understand where you are now and where you want to get to:

  • How to hustle
  • Customer Analysis
  • Generate testimonials quickly
  • Monetise Everything You Do
  • Power of Daily Sales Reports & Weekly Sales Meetings
David is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by his business savvy, but his ability to help implement the proposed solutions. He can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction. His understanding of sales funnels and digital marketing means that he can apply his processes to SMEs and larger organisations. Highly recommended.
Rob Gumbrell

Proprietor, ABMA Consulting

What you get in this course :

  • Step by Step Action Plan Over 5 Weeks: By taking action daily you’ll be surprised at the progress you can make.
  • Video Training: I have personally recorded a video for each of the 9 modules so you get take action, step by step, and grow your business.
  • Workbooks and Handouts: Every module comes with a workbook and handouts so you can track your progress.
  • Private Facebook Group: If you have questions or want to connect with like-minded business owners, then you’ll love our private Facebook group.
We’ve hit a real growth phase and decided to take David up on his offer of a free success call.  His style is professional, relaxed, informal and challenging to ensure, you take the right steps in maximising your business opportunities. Additionally, challenges become opportunities to try different approaches to deliver the right results. However, the real benefit of having 60mins with David is that he fires you up to be incredibly committed to the actions agreed. Grab your session – you will not be disappointed
Daniel Hodson

Founder, PlaymoreGolf

A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m David Standing, and I’m proud to call myself a Salesman. Some see sales a dirty word. But until you make a sale you don’t have a business. My goal is to help those who want to grow their businesses do so with systems and strategies so you can control the sales that occur in your business and can be confident they occur on a regular, repeatable  basis.

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