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Has your business been impacted by the recent COVID-19 crisis?

Would you to develop a plan to improve sales and take your business back into growth? 

Can I Show You How To Do That? 

Because you are not alone.

I have a proven strategy that I use with my private clients which I want to offer you.


It’s The Chance To Work With Me To Build A Plan To Grow Sales In Your Business

What you get :

  • Three Calls With Me: One to one calls with me so I can get to know your business and your pain points
  • Call One: This is the strategy call. We’ll work through your Goals Planner and what the future could look like.
  • Call Two: This is the Implementation Call. How can you best implement your plan? 
  • Call Three: This is the Measurement Call. What is working and can be amplified? What’s not working and needs to be amended?

Let’s work together so that your business bounces back.

Get limited availability £150.

There are 4 unique elements to the programme. By working together we will build and implement a plan to help your business bounce back.

  1. We will show you how to get CLARITY on where you are now and where you want to get to.
  2. We will put a plan together so you achieve that and build the business that you REALLY want and will be proud of.
  3. We’ll work together to IMPLEMENT your plan and give it the best possible chance of success.
  4. We’ll MEASURE the output. This stage is crucial. We will work together to amplify the areas of success and fix anything that doesn’t perform as we expect
  5. You know your business better than anyone else. I bring my experience of helping hundreds of businesses, of all shapes and sizes, achieve their business goals.

Let’s work together so that your business bounces back.

Get limited availability £150.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, large or start-up, online or bricks and mortar I can help. By putting together a plan and then implementing that step-by-step you will have the right foundation for growth now and in the future.

We have included the following elements:

  • Understand where you are now and where you want to get to
  • How to hustle and add energy to your sales
  • Focusing on the big things and delegating the rest
  • If you need help, I’ll open my contact book and introduce you to the best
David is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by his business savvy, but his ability to help implement the proposed solutions. He can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction. His understanding of sales funnels and digital marketing means that he can apply his processes to SMEs and larger organisations. Highly recommended.
Rob Gumbrell

Proprietor, ABMA Consulting

“My team and I have worked with David for about 12 months now. He came into our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened intently to our views and frustrations. He was able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective and offer help, advice and more importantly ownership of the implementation process. His ability to focus on the core issues of each project, collect and collate supporting information and steer us in the right direction has been invaluable to us. Working together we have transformed every aspect of the sales and marketing of our business, with exceptional results. David has both our respect and trust and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.”

Nic Snell

Managing Director , Certainly Wood

What you get :

  • My Goals Planner: I give this to ever business owner I work with so we both know what you want to achieve. This is a chance to think about what you really want.
  • Three Calls: This is where we put together the plan for your business. We’ll take the expertise you have for your business  plus my experience in business turnaround and change.
  • Merging Of Skills: We’ll take the expertise you have for your business  plus my experience in business turnaround and change.
  • Firm Foundations: The only certainty we have in business life is things will change! But this process will give you firm foundations plus a system for future growth,

A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m David Standing, and I’m proud to call myself a Salesman. Some see sales a dirty word. But until you make a sale you don’t have a business.

My goal is to help those who want to grow their businesses do so with systems and strategies so you can control the sales that occur in your business and can be confident they occur on a regular, repeatable basis.

My passion is growing companies, and after building big businesses of my own, I now enjoy instructing, coaching and working with business owners to enable the quick growth of their businesses.

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