Has your business been impacted by the recent COVID-19 crisis?

Would you to develop a plan to improve sales and take your business back into growth? 

Can I Show You How To Do That? 



Discover The Sales That Exist In Your Business That You Are Currently Missing

You’re obviously serious about growing your business and doing that by harnessing your existing customer base is a smart move – but one that is often overlooked.

What you get in this VBook Action Plan :

  • Step One: Assess You Customers – Which ones are profitable, and which ones are losing you money
  • Step Two: Use Our Downloadable Help Sheets. Track and Measure.
  • Step Three: Implement A Repeatable Process. So that this then becomes a core part of your sales process

You Should View Your Existing Customers As A Hidden Gold Mine In Your Business.

Get Started Today £50.

Develop Your Own Unique Action Plan.

  • Take action in the best sequence
  • ​Implement the most appropriate action based on the segmentation
  • ​Make more money from the most profitable sector and learn how to cut out the dead wood
  • ​In other words reap the benefit from the work you’ve already done!

Maximise the investment that you have already made in your business.

Get Started NOW! £50.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, large or start-up, online or bricks and mortar you should view your Existing Customers as a Gold Mine

  • You’ve already paid to acquire them
  • You have their contact details
  • You’ve built up a sufficiently strong relationship with them so they purchase from you. According to the Harvard Business Review existing customers spend on average 67% more with you!
  • You can personalise your message to them based on what they’ve previously bought, how they’ve interacted with you and so forth.


David is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by his business savvy, but his ability to help implement the proposed solutions. He can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction. His understanding of sales funnels and digital marketing means that he can apply his processes to SMEs and larger organisations. Highly recommended.
Rob Gumbrell

Proprietor, ABMA Consulting

“My team and I have worked with David for about 12 months now. He came into our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened intently to our views and frustrations. He was able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective and offer help, advice and more importantly ownership of the implementation process. His ability to focus on the core issues of each project, collect and collate supporting information and steer us in the right direction has been invaluable to us. Working together we have transformed every aspect of the sales and marketing of our business, with exceptional results. David has both our respect and trust and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.”

Nic Snell

Managing Director , Certainly Wood

Our new Action Plan ‘Discover the sales that exist in your business but that you are currently missing’ does exactly what it says. It is based on the strategies that I use with my private clients, clients who pay me to work with them personally and grow their business.

And in my experience working with your existing customer base is the fastest way to making more sales and stopping this group of customers deserting you for the competition.

A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m David Standing, and I’m proud to call myself a Salesman. Some see sales a dirty word. But until you make a sale you don’t have a business.

My goal is to help those who want to grow their businesses do so with systems and strategies so you can control the sales that occur in your business and can be confident they occur on a regular, repeatable basis.

My passion is growing companies, and after building big businesses of my own, I now enjoy instructing, coaching and working with business owners to enable the quick growth of their businesses.

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