Introducing Our NEW Course

“Discover The Sales That Exist In Your Business That You Are Currently Missing” – Premium Version £97 Plus VAT

You’re obviously serious about growing your business and doing that by harnessing your existing customer base is a smart move – but one that is often overlooked.

In This Course You’ll …

Assess Your Customers

Which ones are profitable, and which ones are losing you money

Develop Your Own Unique Action Plan


  • Take action in the best sequence
  • Implement the most appropriate action based on the segmentation
  • Make more money from the most profitable sector and learn how to cut out the dead wood
  • In other words reap the benefit from the work you’ve already done!

Use Our Missed Revenue Calculator

Assess the revenue you are currently missing

Use Our Downloadable Help Sheets

Track and measure

Access To Our Templates

Templated emails, telephone scripts, referral requests and more – so taking action is simple

Access our private Facebook group

Where you will receive regular help and assistance. And get the chance to network with like-minded business owners

Plus Audio

This course also comes with audio help and a prerecorded webinar so you can watch and implement at a pace that suits you

You Should View Your Existing Customers As A Gold Mine

You’ve already paid to acquire them

You have their contact details

You’ve built up a sufficiently strong relationship with them so they purchase from you. According to the Harvard Business Review existing customers spend on average 67% more with you!

You can personalise your message to them based on what they’ve previously bought, how they’ve interacted with you and so forth.

Our new course ‘Discover the sales that exist in your business that you are currently missing’ does exactly what it says. It is based on the strategies that I use with my private clients, clients who pay me to work with them personally and grow their business

And in my experience working with your existing customer base is the fastest way to making more sales and stopping this group of customers deserting you for the competition.


“He’s inspirational, inspiring, intelligent and full of great ideas – his enthusiasm is infectious. Use him!”

Jeremy Holden

Owner, Vintage and Classic Ltd

“I would recommend him to any organisation wishing to transform or reinvigorate their sales and marketing culture”

Maurice Kelly

Chairman, CEO, NED Multi Site Leisure And Retail

100% Investment Back Guarantee

If you are not delighted with your purchase, please get in touch for a complete refund, no questions asked

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