Here are my 11 tips to closing sales. A major failure of organisations is that salespeople and managers are running around talking to prospects and customers but NEVER presenting figures to them. They make contact with the customer, talk to the customer – and then report back why they did not buy.


Never asking for the order is one of the top reasons businesses fail. The salesperson is scared of the competition or rejection, so they refuse to walk the prospect all the way through the sales process to a proposal.

And the reason it happens is lack of training and the fact that no one is holding the salespeople accountable for the little things along the way to closing.

This results in sales cycles that are longer than necessary, razor-thin margins and the majority of business missing targets

So here are my 11 key closing tips for this week:

1. Are your communication skills an asset or liability? Videotape or record your sales presentations. Learn from your mistakes. PowerPoint is good for this.
2. Enthusiasm is great, but no replacement for knowing. Commit to selling. Read, study, role-play, train, and master it.
3. Sales slump? Find out what’s changed. Are you no longer sold on the product, company or services? Is false information conflicting with your beliefs?
4. The next time a prospect claims price is an obstacle, offer a more expensive option. This will determine if it’s legitimate or if the buyer has unanswered questions.
5. Upselling is easier to get than the first. List three up-sales you can offer clients to complement the products/services you sell.
6. Agree with your customer and increase sales! Drill and practice this because people are inclined to disagree in order to satisfy their gluttonous craving to be right. That doesn’t close sales.
7. Always, always, always write down what you’ve said, offered, proposed, promised, implied, and suggested. Anytime you’re going for the close, insist on putting it in writing.
8. If you don’t ask for the order, you cannot close the sale.
9. If you don’t deal with the decision maker, you will not close the sale.
10. If you don’t solve the magic problem, you will not close the sale.
11. If you don’t follow up, you will not close most of the sales.

If you are not obsessed with closing, you won’t. Go into every sales situation and customer interaction believing you can close the sale.

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