It’s my experience that most businesses do things for prospects and customers that they don’t tell them about. And that’s a massive miss because they should at very least be making a virtue of it.

Worse still they are not charging for it and it may be costing a load of money or resource, or both to deliver. Things you could weave into the sales and marketing strategy or even better start charging for as new or upgraded products or services.

Here’s some examples of what I mean:

• Fast track order processing
• Free delivery
• Upgraded delivery – standard to premium or courier versus normal postage
• Trade discounts
• Product support
• Technical advice
• Free returns policy
• Money back guarantees

It’s also important to look at what you do BEFORE someone becomes a customer. Do you provide highly valuable product or service in-sight?

Are you delivering massive value as part of your sales process, which ties up sales resource that you could be turning into a charged for service – even if it’s a small transaction value you will be amazed at the impact this can not only have on revenues but also in filtering out the time wasters, the tyre kickers.

So my advice to you is have a session where you capture EVERYTHING you are doing. I promise you it will not leave you disappointed.

Even better share it with your team and get them doing the same BUT let them do it independently – you’ll be amazed what you un-earth when you bring it all together.


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